Stop overwhelm and complete your business plan effectively!

Let's work together through my successful Business Planning Virtual Workshop including recordings, workbook, bonus videos and resources.

"I found the Business Planning Workshop highly valuable and practical"

T.L. - Speech Pathologist - NSW

work through these topics...

  • PURPOSE: Define your business impact
  • PRODUCTS: Deliver profitable products
  • PROMOTE: Solutions for effective marketing
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    PLAN: The (big) one-page business plan
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    PEOPLE: Build your high-performing team
  • PROCESS: Procedures for freedom
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    PROFIT: Know your numbers for brilliance

This virtual program provides step by step guidance to help you confidently complete your unique allied health business plan. Private Practice owners are loving the process and the succinct plans they develop then use.

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.



  • WORKBOOK: To assist and guide as you implement the program 
  • VIDEO: 10 top tips for implementing your Business Plan.
  • VIDEO: Back to the future. Let the last year inform the next.
  • VIDEO Dare to dream of a business that serves you!
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: 9 blogs, 3 podcasts, 3 videos, 9 books

Cathy Love is the founding director of Nacre Consulting. She coaches allied health business owners to run powerful businesses that change lives. Cathy started, sustained and sold a large and successful paediatric private practice with 6 branches.

Cathy now generously shares her extensive business, clinical and disability sector experience with private practitioners and clinicians. Her energetic approach to problem-solving, planning and taking action is contagious. For Cathy, it’s all about building the brilliance in others.

Thank you Cathy for pushing me gently but firmly out of my comfort zone to have a good, hard, long overdue look at my practice and to get up to date with all things business.

L.R. - Speech Pathologist - WA


As a solo Occupational Therapist, I was trudging through November exhausted and quite unsure if I was going to bother pulling on my battle gear to go some more rounds with the NDIS changes. Completing Cathy's Business plan workshop, actually served to recharge, refocus and motivate me to plan for a stronger, more balanced 2019 and to fight back and let my business thrive. This is the second workshop I have completed with Nacre and I could not recommend Cathy or her services highly enough. Absolute one stop power house of brilliance. Thank you.

N.W. - Occupational Therapist - NSW

 I found the Business Planning Workshop highly valuable and practical. I love the fact that Cathy encourages you to only take on board what is appropriate for you at your stage of business development, yet constantly expands your thinking to go beyond that. It is very practical and I left with a clear picture of what I needed to include in my business plan.

T.L. - Speech Pathologist - NSW

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